Tal-Jawali, Satara, Maharashtra 415002.

Vasota Trek, most Adventurous, Nature Beauty near Pune.

Vasota stands tall 3842 feet high in the midst of the most bio adverse forests in the world with a wildlife sanctuary and will mesmerize you with its most scenic natural beauty. Best picturesque treat around Pune, for folks looking for lakeside camping and moderate adventurous trekking experience. A fun-filled experience of a trek through the dense forest is thrilling. Vasota Trek one of the best agro tourist place situated on the western edge of Satara district. It proved to be the most popular jungle trek in Maharashtra. Vasota is covered in the dense forest all the way through. With a panoramic view of the Shiv Sagar Lake on the eastern side and the Konkan plains on the west and surrounded by the river Koyna.

There are two forts, (old) juna Vasota and (new) Navin Vasota. juna Vasota on top of babukada – the second tallest cliff in Maharashtra is not accessible. There are two entrances to the navin Vasota one of which is in a dilapidated state as of now and the fort can be entered through only the second entrance. On entering the fort there is a Hanuman temple which is devoid of a roof. From here the straight path leads to the remnants of the fort. The left path leads to the Kalkaiche Thane. On the way is the Mahadev temple and ahead of it is Machi with spectacular views of the surrounding region. You can also see the Babukada reminiscent of Konkankad of Harishchandragad. The mountain ahead of Babukada is the old Vasota.

Know all about the trek:

Looking for the best time to invest in an exciting adventure with family and friends? This weekend, with your buddies, head for an exciting trek to vasota for fun-filled activities and experience the best of the scenic beauty of nature.

The hike to the fort is a rage for its ease, accessibility, and excellent surroundings dotted natural beauty throughout. October to June is the best month to visit this place and view it to its best as it is located in the dense forest near Koyna Dam.

This trek is primarily based on descending from the peak. It is one of the most beautiful treks and there are lots of things to explore. Vasota fort falls in the Jawli region of Satara. The forest is quite dense and requires prior permission to visit. You have to take a boat ride to reach the base of the fort. It takes around 2.5 hrs to reach a top.

The view from atop is picturesque- includes the Koyna catchment area(which you cross from Bamnoli to reach the base), Nageshwar falls towards the right and plenty of biodiversities, flora, the fauna of Sahyadris. Visit the place and enjoy the beauty of the Sahyadri range in Maharashtra.

The ascend is gradual but it’s pleasing because the forest protects you from the sun rays through the day time. You have to start early from Bamnoli & so that you can reach back to Bamnoli by 5. Beyond that, it is not allowed to stay there. You have to carry pack lunch and eat on the fort, there is no water on the way so carry enough water which will suffice till you come down at the base of the fort. On the base, there is a forest dept’s office, you can refill water once you come down. Pls carry a good rucksack, wear trekking shoes. Do not carry a handbag/suitcase. it will create difficulties in ascending & descending

Other Info for trekking:

Vasota rides close at 10 am in the morning it takes 1.5 hrs. in a slow noise diesel boat to reach Vasota fort base and 2.5 to 3 hrs. of ascend to reach the top. Vasota fort closes at 5 pm in the afternoon so you have to come back by 5 PM at Vasota fort base, so It will better if you start as early as possible. If you start by 8 -8.30 am @ Bamnoli to get checked in then you have sufficient time in hand to enjoy.

The boat ride takes 1.5hrs to reach Vasota …… the boat ride is fun and scenic but very noisy.

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