Kas Koyna Agro Tourism

Looking for a getaway amidst nature? Kas Koyna Agro Tourism is the best place for you. We specialize in taking you to a whole new world of fun and adventure where you can leave all your worries and enjoy your deserved holiday with the best of nature. With lots of fun activities to do, you get to do it the old way and the new through our mixed-up adventures and taste the various aspects of nature with every passing second of every minute of every day.

kas koyna agro tourism is located in the Bamnoli village in Satara and extremely near to the famous World Heritage, the Kaas Plateau, you are bound to experience the mystic beauty of nature and have the holiday of your dreams. The activities in the itinerary include treks, boating and many more adventurous activities that will bring you closer to mother nature and help you get the gist of the natural surroundings. With your happiness in mind, we strive to make your trip a memorable one and give you unforgettable moments during your stay with us.

The main attraction of your trip to the KasKoyna Agro-tourism is the Vasota Jungle Trek. Known to be one of the most thrilling treks, you will get to experience the authentic jungle life and see how the nature unfolds its mysteries to you. Stay near the Koyna Backwaters and take an exciting boat trip from Tapola to the Vasota Jungle. The boat trip and the jungle trek will fill your soul with adventure and you’ll never want to go back to the normalcy of your life. The jungle trek will surely change your mind about everything and give you a glimpse of how exciting the nature is!

Koyna Backwaters is the largest freshwater lakes in India which gave us the opportunity to introduce boating and water sports in this scenic lake. The lake is surrounded by the untouched Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary which gives you the thrill of staying amidst all the natural entities. You can also try out your hand at fishing as the freshwater harbor the most beautiful marine life and gives you a chance to try out fishing. You can even try swimming in the backwaters with the life jackets provided by us and enjoy a safe yet fun time with your family and friends. The lake offers clean water with a large space to play water sports and swim around for a relaxing time during your stay. Our most fun activity is the Mud Bath which includes playing in the mud and obtaining the benefits of it while having fun with your closed ones.

At KasKoyna, you do not have to worry about your accommodation or the basic amenities. We are fully equipped to handle a large group of people and our staff will look after all your small and big needs. With a raw and rustic look to the rooms, they give you the feeling of living in a village and take you on a different trip. Our camp has 20 luxury tents which are placed just near the lake so you can have the full-fledged camping experience and enjoy a night under the stars. There are basic amenities like well-maintained toilets and clean water. We also have a fully equipped kitchen, so you will get to taste the local cuisine and enjoy the best food around.

Various attractions also include the Vasota Fort which has one of the highest cliffs and two forts that you can check out. Situated on the western edge of the Satara District Vasota is covered in dense forest all the way through. With panoramic view of the Shiv Sagar lake on the eastern side and the Konkan plains on the west and surrounded by the river Koyna, Vasota makes a special treat for trekkers. There are two forts, JunaVasota and NavinVasota. Juna Vasota on top of Babukada - the second tallest cliff in Maharashtra is not accessible. There are two entrances to the NavinVasota one of which is in a dilapidated state as of now and the fort can be entered through only the second entrance.

Do check out our beautiful and affordable kas koyna agro tourism packages for the trips. We are looking forward to your visit here!


“It is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy honey and strawberries especially during the summer. Besides the plenty of restraint paths, boating, horse riding, and golf facilities, fishing spots, trekking trails and pretty waterfalls, the town is full of lookout points.”

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