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Vasota Jungle Trek

Vasota Trek

Vasota stands tall amidst the dense evergreen forests of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and will mesmerize you with its beauty. Each contour of the Vasota hills enhances its beauty many times over. A trek through this dense forest is an exciting and thrilling experience. Vasota is the most popular Jungle trek in Maharashtra. Situated on the western edge of the Satara District Vasota is covered in dense forest all the way through. With panoramic view of the shiv saagar lake on the eastern sife and the konkan plains on the west and surrounded by the river Koyna Vasota makes a special treat for trekkers. There are two forts, juna Vasota and navin Vasota. juna Vasota on top of babukada – the second tallest cliff in Maharashtra is not accesible. There are two entrances to the navin Vasota one of which is in a dilapidated state as of now and the fort can be entered through only the second entrance. On entering the fort there is a Hanuman temple which is devoid of a roof. From here the straight path leads to the remnants of the fort. Read More…

Kass Plateau

Kas Plateau – The Valley of Flowers. The Kas Plateau situated amidst high hill plateaus and grasslands turns into a ‘valley of flowers’ during monsoon season, especially in the month of August. As per the Forest Departments Board at Kas Plateau, there are more than 150 or more types of flowers, shrubs and grasses that are found in Kas. The orchids bloom here for a period of 3-4 weeks during this season. Many of the flowers and plants that grow here are insectivorousvorous.

Kaas Lake

Towards the south of the Kas Plateau is the Kas Lake which adds to the beauty of the flower carpet the plateau adorns. Kas lake looks like a bowl carved out of the green verdant mountains. Surrounded by lush greenery Kas Lake is a beautiful location to unpack your picnic basket! Bamnoli about 15 Kms from Kas is where you can get permits to most exhilarating treks that one can go for in Maharashtra. Vasota fort, located with in the Koyna wild life sanctuary is completely cut off from civilization and can be reached only in a boat. The permit for the trek can be procured from Bamnoli one of the entry points to the Vasota trek. Nageshwar temple is also worthy of a visit in Vasota!

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

The celebrated hillstation of Maharashtra – Mahabaleshwar is just 5 Kms from The Tree Top Bunglows. Set at the foot of the hills just about 2Km from Venna Lake, The Tree Top Bungalows is an ideal place to explore this beautiful hillstation. The name of this place is derived from ‘Lord Mahabaleshwar’ – ‘The god of great powers’ temple which is located in Old Mahbaleshwar area.The vistas that Mahabaleshwar opens up for you is not limited to certain points or spots but is all around you. The heart warming beauty follows you where ever you go in this beautiful town, however the view points are the epitome of the beauty of this place if you want to see this place in snapshots and there are about 30 of them!!

Arthurs Seat

Compared to the rock formation of the Grand Canyon of Colorado is a deep valley with the River Savitri on the left and undulating hills on the right that offers a magnificent view of the valley and the hills. Echo point where you can hear about 3-5 reverberations of your voice overlooking the Joar valley and the dhom dam near Kate’s point is very popular amongst the tourists. If the captivating vistas of Mahabaleshwar doesnt quench your thirst for beauty then drive down about 20 Kms to Pratapgad Fort the formidable fort famous for the war between Shivaji and Afzal khan where shivaji used a tiger’s claw to rip open Afzal Khan’s belly. At about the same height as Mahabaleshwar, Pratapgad is a good place for a mild trek and a nice place to enjoy the sunset.

Vajrai Waterfall

Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall is the tallest waterfall of India. The height of this waterfall is 1840 ft (560m) and it falls from a straight cliff having three steps (stages). The water for waterfall comes from the river Urmodi. It is origin of river Urmodi. The waterfall is situated in district of Satara in western Maharashtra. It is about 5 km away from well-known Kas Flower Valley and 2 km away from Bhambavli Flower Valley. The lush green mountains and the flowers in nearby flower valley please your senses. The pleasant weather actually relaxes you like anything. But the star attraction of this place is tranquility. The place is simply deserted and there are no hawkers, unwanted guides and cameramen to disturb you. The waterfall is perennial in nature and hence you will hardly find any day when it’s gone dry (flows 12 months in a year).

Taploa Mini Kashmir

Tapola famously called the mini Kashmir of the west, is a rustic hamlet with a magnificent lake – Shivsagar. Tapola is at the end of the road and practically a dead end! From Mahabaleshwar Tapola is approx 25 KMS away (Pune to Tapola 150 Kms) and the drive to Tapola is a picturesque one with vistas galore on either side of the road. Tapola is also the base village to the Vasota Fort famous for the Jungle trek. The primary attraction in Tapola is the Shivsagar Lake – a 90 km long Water Body infect the reservoir of the Koyna dam!! If you are a water sports enthusiast Tapola is the place to head to. Be it boating, water scooter rides, kayaking or swimming Tapola is the best.